Macrium Reflect 8 - Server with Premium Support

Powerful, secure backup From ransomware protection to rapid recovery, choose Macrium to minimize downtime and protect what matters most to your customers.

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Malwarebytes DNS Filtering [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Prevent web-based threats; protect productivity Malwarebytes DNS Filtering module gives IT and security teams the control and flexibility to manage and secure internet use to mitigate your organisation’s exposure to internet-originated threats. And if malicious content sneaks into your environment, Malwarebytes’ real-time protection capabilities have your back, helping you detect and respond to suspicious content

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection & Response [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (EDR) + (EDRS) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

EDR that aligns with the skillset of your security team, advanced threat prevention and thorough remediation of cyberthreats Malwarebytes EDR provides powerful and effective threat detection, isolation, and remediation for your customer's workstations and servers. Along with Malwarebytes’ patented ransomware detection, it includes seven layers of protection, multi-mode isolation, and automated malware cleanup. It’s designed to be easy for all security users – from emerging to the most experienced, offering clear visual cues to drive action and powerful tools for forensic analysis.

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Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (EP) + (EPS) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Quickly deploy endpoint protection that doesn't impact end user productivity. Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides complete malware protection and remediation with precise threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and thorough remediation, driven from the cloud and easy to use for organisations of all sizes.

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Malwarebytes Incident Response [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (IR) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Compress response times and advance your SOC incident response plan with automated breach remediation. Malwarebytes Incident Response is the trusted standard in automated endpoint remediation. The solution bolsters your enterprise cyber resilience and incident response process by compressing response times with fast and complete remediation.

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Malwarebytes Managed Detection & Response [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (MDR) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Malwarebytes MDR provides 24x7 alert monitoring, flexible remediation options, and threat hunting. Packaged and priced to help you grow your MSP business. Malwarebytes MDR provides a powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation service with 24x7 alert monitoring and investigations, perfectly suited to drive the growth of your MSP business.

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Malwarebytes Vunerability Assessment & Patch Management [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (VPM) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Understand risks quickly and strengthen defences across your customer's digital ecosystem Malwarebytes Vulnerability and Patch Management modules help you to effectively monitor, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities before they can lead to cyberattacks that impact a company’s reputation and revenue. This simplified approach alleviates difficult processes and expedites remediation so you can stay ahead of security risks. And with patch scheduling, you have more control to ensure critical patch deployments don’t impede end-user productivity. You’ll gain insights into the severity of vulnerabilities and threats, enabling you to quickly and efficiently prioritise the patches to deploy. This streamlines your efforts to provide the highest level of security protection for your customers.

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Malwarebytes Vunerability Assessment [Subscription Licence (1-Month) (VA) (1) Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable*]

Quickly identify and understand risks to strengthen your customers’ digital ecosystems Malwarebytes' Vulnerability Assessment module for OneView provides you with the ability to automate vulnerability scans so you can proactively identify and review provided remediation steps for found vulnerabilities. This module enables you to stay a step ahead and keep your customers safe from data breaches.

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Microsoft 365 Health Check

Climb Services

Get to know the full potential of your Microsoft 365 investment This health check will assess your existing Office 365 of Microsoft 365 environment to see if you’re making full use of its capabilities

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Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Enterprise)


Endpoint security solution Prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats affecting the network.

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