Securely sign documents from any online device

VirtualSignature enables you, your organisation and clients to securely sign documents from any internet enabled desktop, tablet or smartphone. Have peace of mind as the transaction is digitally secured, tracked and issued with a validated completion certificate.


This is ideal for estate agents, solicitors, sales, finance and HR departments, ISVs and MSPs, and any other organisation that has contracts and documents that need to be signed, reviewed and approved. It's internationally accepted and legally enforceable.

Not only does it help reduce the amount of paper used and helps the environment, but it also provides you with a clear audit trail, which in turn supports compliance with various data regulations. And it makes the document signing process much quicker and cheaper as you don’t have to print, post and then wait for documents to be signed – these documents can be signed 24/7.

With VirtualSignature you can send multiple documents to multiple recipients, utilise SMS dual authentication, and use it on-premises or remotely. In addition, take advantage of automated notifications and reminders, time stamped audit trail and built-in anti-tamper technology.

You purchase these editions through an annual subscription. You can choose from a range of transaction amounts - a transaction is when you send out a document to be signed.