Our Azure Monitoring Service monitors your Azure environment so that you don’t have to. The Azure Monitoring Service is built up of many different components. It will monitor key areas such as resources, security, and costs and if an issue does occur, we will manage it from start to resolution.

In addition, the Azure Monitoring Service will continuously monitor your Azure environment to ensure that it is resilient to modern day threats as well as to ensure the maximum amount of uptime. Each month a report is delivered with details around issues experienced and suggested actions to be undertaken to ensure the service is efficient and well hardened. Enterprise goes a step further with extra out of hours support and access to Microsoft Certified engineers\architects.

Why do I need the Azure Monitoring Service? Get answers to these questions:

  • Is my Azure configuration fully optimised so that I get the most value out of my Azure environment?
  • Is my Azure Infrastructure secure and compliant to the latest security standards?
  • Is my Azure Infrastructure setup so that I can recover from a disaster?
  • Can I be advised of a potential issue before it becomes an incident?