Fast, reliable Office 365 and Exchange migration

Get all the benefits of migrating without requiring installation and maintenance of additional software using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture. You can even run multiple migrations simultaneously to ensure your project is completed on time.



Simplified attachment management: Implement file collaboration and management best practices by automatically migrating attachments over any size you choose to OneDrive for Business with a link from the Exchange message for direct and easy access.

Label conversion: Ensure complete migration accuracy by migrating labels as categories or folders while maintaining their current structure.

Contextual help: Provide in-line videos and help based on current location and activity to assist with a smooth and simple migration process.

De-duplicator: Re-migrate data without creating duplicates using a phased migration approach.

Key Information

Product Name: Quest On-Demand Migration For Email (SAAS)
Sector: Commercial
License type: Perpetual
License model: Migrated mailbox
Maintenance: 12-month, 24x7
Users: 1
Delivery: Electronic, non-returnable
Country: N/A
Mandatory requirements: N/A
Manufacturer’s Part Code: ONM-WGA-PB